Rep. Jared Huffman

“Supervisor Ryan Sundberg works closely with me on many issues vital to the North Coast including Klamath Dam Removal, Trinity River restoration, and securing federal support for transportation projects, dredging, rural schools, tribal needs, and much more. He is dedicated and knowledgeable, and I support his reelection.” 

Assemblyman Jim Wood


“I am proud to endorse Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg for re-election in 2018. Supervisor Sundberg and I have worked hard to protect local revenue streams and address unfunded mandates that put an undue burden on local communities. He is a dedicated professional with the unique ability to forge relationships with partners and stakeholders across party lines because he focuses on what is best for his district and the wider Humboldt County community. His re-election is critical to ensure that Humboldt County maintains a voice on the Coastal Commission and that the North Coast is represented in decisions that often have far reaching and lasting impacts.” 

Senator Mike McGuire

 "Ryan is a tireless advocate for Humboldt County and he’s constantly fighting for the people he works for.  I’m joining Congressman Huffman and Assemblymember Wood in endorsing Supervisor Sundberg for re-election." 

Sheriff Billy Honsal

"Through his support for Measure Z, and his work on the Board of Supervisors, Ryan Sundberg helped fund the widening of the north section of McKinleyville Avenue, and brought a long overdue increase in Sheriff’s Deputies to the 5th District."

Andrew Salas, Chariman, Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians - State of California

“On behalf of our tribe and the lineal descendants of the Los Angeles Basin . We would  like to thank you for all the wonderful  things you had to say regarding respect to Ancestral tribal territory and consultation, you were right on. Thank you.” 

Trinidad Rancheria

Big Lagoon Rancheria

Blue Lake Rancheria

Cal Fire

Cal Fire Local 2881 is endorsing Ryan for 5th District Supervisor. Cal Fire 2881 represents more than 6,800 men and women engaged in firefighting and the protection of our valuable forests and grass-covered watersheds. 

Richard Blake, Chief Judge

Richard Blake is the Chief Judge of the Hoopa Valley Tribe, contractual Chief

Judge for the Redding Rancheria and Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation Tribal Courts,

and is a member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. He is the President of the

National American Indian Court Judges Association and a member of the

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ).

Hoopa Tribe

Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs Organization

The Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs Organization (HDSO) announced its endorsement of Supervisors Virginia Bass and Ryan Sundberg for Humboldt County Supervisor.

HDSO President Jamie Barney thanked both for their service.
“Supervisors Sundberg and Bass have shown a commitment to not only bringing on new deputies through Measure Z and other methods, but also working to retain experienced officers who serve in our challenging, rural county. We appreciate their support and respect for the working men and women putting their lives on the line each day in service to the public.”
“Our county is huge and rugged,” said HDSO President Jamie Barney, “Our members live in the community, and we see the advantages of experienced officers with local knowledge, who have deep involvement in our neighborhoods. Because we live here too, we know how proper staffing and senior deputies can bridge divides and save lives.”
Barney said HDSO members are happy that both candidates have taken the time to familiarize themselves with the many issues facing Humboldt County.
“Ryan and Virginia both know how hard our deputies work to keep Humboldt safe, and we look forward to working with them to serve the people of our county in the years to come.”

More endorsements

John Corbett, Former County Supervisor

“As our County Supervisor, Ryan Sundberg was instrumental in the formation of the Mckinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee. This Committee gives us a real voice during county decision making. Ryan Sundberg is the most effective Supervisor the 5th District has ever had.”

Trinidad Mayor Susan Rotwein

 “As our 5th District County Supervisor, Ryan Sundberg has worked tirelessly and effectively to protect our coast, preserve our fisheries, and keep our water clean.”  

Greg Dale, California Operations Manager of Coast Seafoods

As our representative on California’s Coastal Commission, Supervisor Ryan Sundberg helped save over 70 local jobs at Coast Seafoods in Eureka. He is committed to environmentally responsible and economically viable solutions. He deserves your continued support.”  

Westhaven Resident Patty Clary

When Westhaven's water system was crumbling, Ryan Sundberg secured $1 million to help save it.”  

Molly Borja, Volunteer, McKinleyville Senior Center

“Ryan Sundberg is responsive to the needs of people in the community and knows how to things done.  He currently sits on the McKinleyville Senior Center Advisory Board Center and supports the center with both time and money, attending and contributing to fundraisers as well as securing financial support from the business community. I strongly support Ryan for 5th District Supervisor."

Roy Sheppard, Fieldbrook

"Ryan Sundberg was successful in helping to keep a large cell tower from being installed in the middle of our neighborhood on Crockett Crossing in Fieldbrook.  We are grateful for his participation.  His actions prove that he is willing to listen to the public and to offer suggestions for alternative solutions for all involved.  This is just another example of a job well done.


  • Fiona Ma, Member State Board of Equalization
  • Dayna Bochco, California Coastal Commission
  • Erik Howell, California Coastal Commission
  • Big Lagoon Rancheria 
  • Rex Bohn, 1st District Supervisor
  • Estelle Fennell, 2nd District Supervisor
  • Virginia Bass, 4th District Supervisor
  • Frank Jager, Mayor City of Eureka
  • Susan Rotwein, Mayor of Trinidad
  • Jim Baker, Trinidad City Council

  • Ryan Jackson, Chair, Hoopa Valley Tribe
  • Marian Brady, Eureka City Council
  • Brian A. Mitchell, Humboldt County Planning Commissioner
  • Ben Shepherd, Humboldt County Planning Commissioner
  • George Wheeler, McKinleyville Community Services District
  • John Corbett, McKinleyville Community Services District
  • Dennis Mayo, McKinleyville Community Services District
  • Rich Grissom, Fieldbrook Elementary School District Trustee

  • Jack Sheppard, Fieldbrook Elementary School District Trustee, Fieldbrook Fire Chief
  • Tim La Londe, Willow Creek Fire Dept. Chief
  • Blue Lake Rancheria
  • Hoopa Tribe
  • Trinidad Rancheria 
  • Don Harling, past McKinleyville Community Services District
  • Dr. Bill Wennerholm, past McKinleyville Community Services District
  • Joe Walund, past McKinleyville Community Sercvices District
  • John Graves, Chair, Trinidad Planning Commission,former Chair, Arcata Planning Commission
  • Operating Engineers Local 3, District 40, AFL-CIO 




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Randy and Irene Martinez 

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Larry and Janeth McCutchen

Terry and Inga McCutchen

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Josh McKnight and Family 

Jake McMaster 

James and Annie Meagher

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Dick and Joan Miller

Don Miller

Ross and Kelly Miller

Kevin Miller 

Nancy and Rick Mohorovich 

Alex Moore (Ferndale) 

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John and Tina Morias 

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Jay and Sally Patton 

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Fred  Sundberg

Marcella -Halverson Sundberg (lives out of county)

Renea Sundberg

Garth and Linda Sundberg

Randy and Sonja Sundberg

Ron and Jessica Sundberg

Joy Sundberg

Connie Sundberg

Megan Sundberg 

Sheri Lynn Sundberg 

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Joe Walund (Past McKinleyville Community Services District)

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