Ryan is a Hands-On Supervisor

Ryan is dedicated to his community

Ryan is a “hands on” Supervisor who enjoys working directly with residents to address community concerns. He’ll often roll up his sleeves to

  • Participate in community trash clean-ups 
  • Pick up a shovel to help residents fill potholes and, for county roads, alert Public Works to where road repair is needed
  • Work with residents where neighborhoods are blighted with trash, abandoned vehicles, leaking septic tanks and other situations, and coordinates with Code Enforcement and Environmental Health to bring relief to the community.  

Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services

McKinleyville Substation

Previously,  two Eureka-based sheriff’s deputies served all unincorporated areas north of Arcata--including McKinleyville, Fieldbrook, Westhaven and Orick. Thanks to Ryan’s tireless advocacy, today McKinleyville’s new substation is fully staffed with 11 deputies and one sergeant, allowing quick response to emergencies. This has improved service and will soon increase Hammond Trail patrol. 

Improved Student Safety


A new crosswalk, complete with flashing lights, across Murray Road at Little Pond will increase safety for McKinleyville High School students.

Widening of North Central Ave

 Widening the north section of McKinleyville Avenue made it safer for cyclists and pedestrians, including students from McKinleyville high school and Morris Middle School. Ryan spearheaded this project after being contacted by the parent of a young man hit on Central Avenue by a vehicle mirror.


Residential Deputies in Orleans and Orick

Ryan fought hard to secure Measure Z funds to establish residential deputies in the remote communities of Orleans and Orick, which has enhanced security in those areas. Ryan was able to participate in bringing resources to remove illegal marijuana grows where Karuk cultural sites were affected. 

Continued Ambulance Service in Eastern Humboldt County

Ryan advocated for funding of $1 million that has enabled the Hoopa Tribe to continue ambulance service the last four years for all residents and travelers along Highways 299, 96 and 169 in the eastern area of the 5th District, with skilled medical support for the long ride to coastal hospitals. Ambulance and crews are based in Hoopa and Willow Creek to serve the entire area. Ryan also helped secure funds to upgrade radio equipment for coverage in the remote area and to purchase a state-of-art monitor and defibrillator.  

Willow Creek Substation

Ryan’s work with sheriffs Downey and Honsal to open and staff a much-needed sub-station in Willow Creek now provides 24/7 law enforcement coverage. One sergeant, two corporals, and five deputies cover the Willow Creek, Hoopa, Orleans, Redwood Valley and surrounding areas where recently coverage was extremely limited and nighttime sheriff’s presence often non-existent.

Business Support and Advocacy

Supports New Business

Ryan advocates to bring new businesses to his district--including green industries such as off-shore wind farms—by meeting and working with new business owners to help navigate the county process and facilitate communications with staff.

Supports and Strengthens Existing Businesses

Ryan’s advocacy on the California Coastal Commission saved over 70 Humboldt County jobs at Coast Seafoods, a significant employer in a  key local industry. 

Infrastructure and Community Enhancements

Willow Creek Waste Treatment Plant

Ryan consistently and successfully advocated for funding to improve the Willow Creek Water Treatment Facility. The project is now 100% funded.

Westhaven Water System

Ryan worked with local residents to advocate and secure funding to repair the Westhaven water system.   

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Direct Air Service to Los Angeles

Ryan worked tirelessly with county partners to advocate for increased air service in the region. The result is a new non-stop flight from Humboldt County to Los Angeles starting in June.  

High speed internet in Eastern Humboldt- Digital 299

Ryan is part of a team working with Inyo Networks to bring high speed Internet to Willow Creek and Hoopa and extend the network to Eureka to Trinidad, which will help build in redundancy to keep Humboldt online. This project, which is almost fully funded, will also include an international cable landing and provide living wage jobs in Humboldt. 

Solar Array at Airport

Ryan supported efforts to establish a solar array at the McKinleyville-based Redwood Coast Airport. This progressive, environmentally responsible project will reduce energy costs while protecting the environment.  

Trails Connection

Ryan is working with other stakeholders to extend the county trail system and address gaps, such as the one between Clam Beach and Scenic Drive in Trinidad, to increase utilization and enjoyment of this valuable community asset.  

Walkability Study for Willow Creek

This project will enhance community safety by increasing crosswalks and implementing design improvements that will better protect cyclists and pedestrians. Ryan helped secure seed money (funded by Measure Z) that can now be leveraged to secure other funding for the project

Advocate for Community Choice Energy Program

Community Choice Aggregation is designed to increase the amount of power from renewable sources and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Ryan acted as the Board of Supervisors representative on this important project. 

Community Services

Suicide Prevention in Eastern Humboldt County

Ryan worked with the Yurok Tribe and the county Department of Health and Human Services to increase efforts to address and prevent suicide among youth and people of all ages in eastern Humboldt County 

Cultural Coaches

Ryan worked with county staff to ensure they have access to appropriate education regarding tribal cultural issues so that they can respond appropriately and effectively to client needs 

Increase Substance Use Disorder treatment for addicted mothers

Ryan worked with the Department of Health and Human Services, Superior court and Tribal court to increase the ability for mothers with addiction to access services and treatment 

Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors

 Ryan supports the B&G Club and Teen Center as a member of the Board of Directors- supporting the McKinleyville program as well as the program on the Yurok Tribal Reservation 

Mad River Rotary

Ryan has been active in the Rotary for 12 years and has participated in a number of community projects including: