About Ryan

 “I have been extremely fortunate to live, raise a family, and work in the 5th District community. A friend once told me that he plans to retire in Hawaii and asked where I would retire. I told him that I already live in paradise, and that I could not see myself moving away from this beautiful place my family calls home.” ~ Ryan Sundberg 

Ryan Sundberg has lived in beautiful Humboldt County all his life. His father was a logger who loved coaching baseball and with Ryan’s mother enjoyed their growing family. Summers were spent at the one-room family cabin on the Klamath River, fishing, boating and swimming. 

When Ryan was 15, his father lost his life in a logging accident. Through this loss the family was embraced by a large and loving circle of family and friends from throughout the community. His mother eventually remarried and lives today in Willow Creek. 

Ryan attended local schools and went on to College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University, graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

At 21-years-old, Ryan was elected to the Trinidad Rancheria Tribal Council, going on to be reelected five times and ultimately serving for 14 years. In that time, the Rancheria and its casino grew from 25 employees to more than two hundred, providing good wages with health and retirement benefits. 

The Council also brought in state and federal grants totaling more than $50 million to fund community projects. These projects significantly improved the environment of Trinidad Bay and the local area, created good-paying jobs, and added much needed dollars to the local economy. 

After college, Ryan worked as an independent insurance broker, striving to help his clients by providing the highest level of service and the best and most affordable insurance protection available.

Humboldt State University's Business Advisory Council sought Ryan as a member in 2005 to help the Business School chart its future and keep students connected with local businesses. 

Ryan joined the Mad River Rotary, helping raise funds to expand the McKinleyville Sheriff's Sub-Station, update the Senior Center, provide scholarships for graduating high school students, install bleachers at Hiller Sports Park and scoreboards and a greenhouse at McKinleyville High School, and to support the library’s expansion.

In 2010, Ryan was elected as Supervisor for Humboldt County’s 5th District. He was reelected in 2014. Serving as Supervisor has been one of the most rewarding challenges of Ryan’s life. He is a member of the California Coastal Commission and serves on numerous boards and committees to help improve conditions in his favorite place in the world, the beautiful 5th District. 

Ryan married Kimberly Watson, the love of his life, in July 2001. Kim was also born and raised in McKinleyville and today is a teacher at Fieldbrook Elementary School. The Sundbergs are proud parents of their daughter Sofie, an 8th grader who, like her dad, loves playing basketball. In his time off work, Ryan enjoys being at home with his family, traveling, visiting friends and family, playing baseball, basketball or golf, and always enjoying the beautiful mountains, rivers and ocean of the amazing 5th District.